Currently Website Development, Content Uploading, Design and a Minimal Marketing and its preparation are underway!

Most Projects get a standalone Website, and some Projects can be found on a 1-1 Main Project page! For example:
- We have started the Satát Token Test Plant, it will be released soon.
- Preparation and testing of ASIC Miner Special-Power and Tuning developments, which will be "pushed in" under the Greens4u project,
- The development of the Education Platform, which can be found in more detail on the Coins4U Project Page, will take place, which will later include an Android application, which will be available for easier management.

Below is a little more, but for full information, please visit the Website of the given Project!

Greens4U Tokenization

The Website of the Project is being prepared, where you can find more information about the Token, its purpose, the progress of the implementation and the developed vision, which is the goal of the project!

The Greens4U Website is available by clicking on the link!

Coins4U Education and Service Platform 2

We have begun building a Crypt Education and Services platform.
The Website and a Smart Agreement governing the Affiliate Program will be created in the background, for which an Android app will be available in the future!

The Coins4U Project Website is available by clicking on the link!

Please contact us for more information!

ASIC Miner Power and Tuning2

A completely new foundation is being developed, which will result in significant savings.
According to preliminary estimates, 20-40% is possible.

The other line of the Project is a special Cooling that can replace the fans with the current, not nearly as efficient efficiency!
This solution, as a side effect, solves several other maintenance difficulties that will arise later and helps to avoid, prevent more serious errors that currently exist with any ASIS Miner!

Read more HERE.

Coming soon

the other projects will also be listed!