ASIC Miner Power and Tuning

About the Project More:

  • Power (More efficient, safer),
  • Software: able to use energy more efficiently, thus consuming less for the same leaf power,
  • Special cooling, which also solves the problem of short circuits and fire hazards!



1; A completely new foundation is being developed, which will result in significant savings in the medium and long term.
According to preliminary estimates, 20-40% is possible.

Currently, the 80+ and 90+ labels of Feeds measure and label efficacy in a variety of ways.
However, on a completely new footing, we are confident that we can show something new to the Mining communities!

Of course, after the planning and experimentation, we will publish these results and take the appropriate steps towards the protection of Industrial Law.

Unfortunately, only after this we are able to explore the nature and substance of the innovation!

We are aware of why these statements are viewed with skepticism.

..using an analogy:

Elon Musk Dreamed of Electric Driving!
It was laughed at by Industry and Engineers, Elon Musk did it!
The traditional Automotive industry is struggling to keep up with Elon Musk’s more than 1 decade of Electric Car construction experience, even though the traditional Automotive Industry has countless benefits (Compliance with Quality Requirements and Decades of Experience with it)!
The world and the automotive industry have recognized it more than 10 years behind - although this is still officially denied by many, they have stopped the development of traditional internal combustion engines and are focusing on electricity! - that this is the future!

Quality Foods is not as difficult to position as it is in the automotive industry.
From the very beginning, we have been using the help of engineers trained in the development of traditional Foods to prepare our own feed based on a new principle, avoiding this situation.

2; The other line of the Project is a special Cooling that can replace the fans that are not nearly as efficient!
This solution, as a side effect, solves several other maintenance difficulties that will arise later and helps to avoid and prevent several serious error possibilities (The possibility of Short-circuit and Fire is also excluded !!!) that currently exists for any ASIS Miner!
The goal isn’t this, it’s just a “side effect” that is very positive and forward-looking!


3; The third is a special Software that can more optimally manage the hardware and cooling can use the ideal temperature to drive the device! This ensures it heats up only to the detriment of the Mining Machine, but its performance is "significantly up to the factory data"!

With Enen cooling, special power supply and software tuning, the Miners will be safe to pull!


According to preliminary estimates, pulling at a minimum of 40-50%, but currently above 100-200%, also seems possible, all with much greater stability and safety compared to current fan models!


Of course, we have a lot of tests ahead of us before we can present the prototypes and the results of the measurements will be published in detail, proving the possibilities!

The aim of the project:

As a stable and reliable - proven with results! - a new cooling, power and software system will be developed, we will allow ASIC Miner owners and Operators to tune their existing equipment with us!
In parallel, we will start testing traditional VGA Mining with this system!

If you have any questions or would like to support the faster progress of the project, you can do so under the contact menu item!
In this early phase, we provide sponsors with significant discounts on later products! (20-30-40, sometimes up to 50% discount!)

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